Top 3 Budget Fitness Trackers


1. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2

The Mi Band 2 is Xiaomi’s third attempt at making a fitness trackers and it shows in the polished design and feature set that this device brings to the table. While the fitness tracker itself comes in a sleek and understated black body, Xiaomi offers the user plenty of customisation options with interchangeable bands available in 4 different colours.

Coming to the feature set, the Mi Band 2 is fitted with a heart rate monitor so it adds that to its predecessors already formidable arsenal of fitness tracking activities- step counting, sleep monitoring, notification center and phone unlock, the last one being restricted to Xiaomi devices only. All that is packed in an IP67 rated body that has been drop and temperature tested and takes daily wear and tear quite well. Topping all of this off, the Mi Fitness App is available for both iOS as well as Android platforms and the battery life is pretty good on the Mi Band 2- thus earning it the top spot on this list!

2. Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition

If you were impressed by Xiaomi’s Mi Band 2 but think that the 2k price tag was a tad bit more than you’d like to spend, then the Xiaomi Band HRX Edition is the one for you. Developed with the inputs of famed Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, this collaboration between the actor’s HRX brand with the Chinese juggernaut that is Xiaomi has produced an affordable fitness tracker with a mass appeal.

Specs wise it imitates the Mi Band 2 in almost all respects although it loses out on the Heart Rate Monitor probably in a bid to keep costs below ₹1500. For someone just starting out or anyone who is a fan of the Bollywood star, this is a great starter level fitness tracker that gets the job done!

3. Honor Band 3

If for some reason you do not like the look of Xiaomi’s Mi Bands, then we have yet another budget alternative for you albeit at a slightly higher price point. The Honor Band 3 comes in three colours of Black, Blue and Orange and personally the splash of colours is something I find quite pleasing to the eye.

So what features does the Honor Band 3 have that nets it the final spot on this list? Well for starters it provides a more in depth analysis of your daily routine. From detailed routes after every run to the breakdown of your sleep into the light, deep and REM sleep; the Honor Band 3 is quite the effective fitness tracker. Add to that it is water resistant up to 50m which means that the band can survive a quick dip in the pool or bear the brunt of a quick shower!

So while it is ₹900 more expensive the Honor Band 3 improves upon every functionality of the MI Band 2 from fitness tracking to notifications as the Huawei device can display notifications from the calendar Facebook Twitter and a lot of other sources as well.

This was our take on the best budget fitness trackers available right now! This Diwali let’s work those carbs off those sweets with a run and if anytime you find yourself giving up or slowing down, having one of these on your wrist will keep you reinvigorated till you hit your step target for the day!

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